Time Travel For More Sales?

If time travel were suddenly possible, what would you do with such an insane opportunity?

Would you set your time machine back to avoid a bad relationship?

Head to Seattle in 1993 to ‘invent’ Amazon a year early?

Or would you take it upon yourself to stop heinous figures in history from wreaking havoc?

Regardless of what you’d choose, most of us have something we’d do differently.

And it’s often not a change that’s massive or unattainable, just something we didn’t realize was so important at the time.

If you love having more time I can tell you the one thing that will give it to you in your business.

Not only will it give you more time – it will help you increase your sales in a huge way.

Best part – you don’t need a time machine to make it happen. In fact – you can implement it in your business in just a few minutes a day and see massive results.

Wouldn’t it be nice to work less and make more – see more customers buy products everyday, and run a more profitable business maximizing customers?

Of Course It Would Right…

Look, the age-old debate rages on about whether muney can buy happiness.

But the answer truly depends on what you spend it on, and can it give you more time!

Faced with the concluding chapter of our lives, most of us won’t be wishing we’d spent more time at the office.

No, most of us will be thinking about the wonderful experiences we’ve had, not the items we owned or having the kitchen renovated.

We’ll be thinking about time spent with family and friends, enjoying life to the absolute fullest, making memories that resonate forever.

Unfortunately, some of us will be wishing we had done more of the things we loved while we had the chance to.

So while you’re still very much alive and reading this email, make sure you take advantage of this, the most effective way to sell your products and services everyday.

Go Here To Get The Goods.

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Yoda’s Marketing Approach…

This may be a bit nerdy, but this is how it’s gonna go down…

Looking back over the last 7 years of my marketing career (that includes all online and offline business because if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re in marketing) I’ve realized that Yoda would have smacked with me with his light saber.

In fact – he probably would have said “oh young apprentice, so confused are you!”

And he would have said this because I jumped from method to method to method.

And Yoda would have told me to focus…

Allow me to speak on Yoda’s behalf for a moment.

In your business – choose one thing to master – one thing to be great at…

If and when you do, your business will thrive.

Over the last two years I have chosen to focus on copywriting… that includes the ads, emails and sales letters I write.

Since I’ve focused on mastering that skill, a 7-figure earner has brought me into his company to help him improve his leads, sales and profi.ts.

Now it’s your turn – choose one path – one focus point and watch your business shine.

You can choose lead gen, copywriting, team building, webinars, sales letters, any of those or others…

And while you focus, use this to build a massive list of raving fans that want to hand you moolah.

Regardless the path you choose – every business needs this one thing.

Details are impatiently waiting.

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Please – Just One More…

When we get to the very end we most likely beg for this one thing…

I can’t say with certainty because I haven’t gotten there yet…

But we probably want…

  • Just one more second…
  • Just one more minute…
  • Just one more hour…
  • Just one more day…
  • Please just one more year…

When we are doing something we love, or with someone we love and the time comes to an end, we often yearn for just one more… (insert time amount)

We allow so many things in life to demand our attention and control our time…

  • We let people control our time…
  • Jobs control our time…
  • Cell phones…
  • TV’s…

And the list goes on…

Life is best when you control your time – you dictate what you want to do and when you want to do it.

Many people deliver countless reasons as to why they have to do things they don’t want – why they have to be a slave to other people’s clocks.

And those reasons are just excuses – the limiting beliefs that you hold deep inside your mind keeping you from breaking fre.e

All the time constraints, all the things you don’t want to do, the life you’re currently not that excited about…

It can all change today…

You can have one more… (Insert Time)

You can spend it with whom you want…

You can do the things you want…

In fact – you’ll never ask for just one more… because you’ll just take it instead…

You can have complete control…

And you can do it in under 27-Minutes Per Day!

It All Starts Here!

Shawn Andrew Walker

Your Ultimate Life Is Impatiently Waiting Right Here



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It’s Aint About Mo Leads…

Recently – I was asked to partner with a 7-figure company – they want me to help structure their business and write copy.

After being on the inside of multiple 6-figure businesses and now a 7-figure business…

I can say with out a doubt – making more is not just about more leads.

It’s about the right message to the right person with the right process.

Here’s what I mean about process.

Lets take the super bowl for example.

  • One person will spend ten bucks watching the super bowl because they bought a 6 pack and they watch in from home.
  • While another person spends 100 bucks because they went to a bar with friends
  • And yet another person spends a grand on nose bleeds seats
  • Then there’s the person who spends 10K on 50 yard line seats.
  • And finally – the high roller that drops a cool 2.2 million on a skybox.

Same exact game – just a different experience.

What process are you taking your prospects through to ensure you give the best experience and you get the most smackaroos?

Two things are critical to build a thriving – profitable business.

  • the message you deliver to your prospects
  • The process you bring your lead through

One you have the right message and the right process – turn on your lead generation machine and you will see a windfall of sales and you bank account will skyrocket.

You can learn how to do everything I just talked about…

Right Here!


Shawn Andrew Walker

P.S. The price of this training will be going to 1,500 after tomorrow. When I teach this live – people pay 5K. The deal doesn’t get any sweeter then this!

Grab it while you can!


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Silly Facebook, Groups Are For Kids…

It seems there’s another get rych quick thing popping up on FB again and again and again.

What’s crazy, is everyday people go chomping at the bit to spend a butt load of cash buying some training on some silly, never gonna last strategy.

Aright – lets get to it.

The other day – I saw someone promoting a new business model solely using FB groups.

No email list

No capture pages

No nothing

Yeah – this sounds great because there is no overhead but lets really analyze what’s going on here.

If you have a FB group or page or profile – YOU own none of it.

Zuckerburg owns it all – and if he’s not careful the govt may own it.

Successful businesses (all of them) need to capture customer and prospect information so they can continue to sell products.

Lets say you build a monster FB group and are making moolah selling products in that group…

And Then…

Zuckerburg decides to change the rules (like he has 100 other time)… that means your business is gone in an instant.

No email list

No customer list

You got nothing – except the misery of having to start over and the pain of being broke again.

Let people call it old school

Let people call it outdated

Let people say it will disappear

But the most successful will continue to build an email list full of raving fans and repeat buyers

You will always own the list of names who will love to fill your bank account if you do it right.

Everyday I send an email – my bank balance goes up.

You could do the same thing…

Just gotta go here!

P.S. It’s my birthday this week so I’m offering some fatty bomb batty discounts.

But after that – the price will more than triple!

Scurry on over here!

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How Not To Train Your Customers!

Here’s Whats Impatiently Waiting For You…

How most marketers train their prospects to never buy…

What you’re inadvertently doing that is costing you sales and costing your prospects success…

The homeless sales approach to double your return on investment… and even do less work…

A Scientific fact that we’ve been selling all wrong and it’s costing you a fortune…

3 step brain trigger that will allow you to make more sales almost instantly… just add this one component…

And way more!

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Paid For A Homeless Person…

This was a shocking story for me…

Currently I spend my time living between Texas and Redondo Beach Ca.

And just today I read a crazy story…

Here’s the headline:

L.A. County wants to help build guest houses in backyards — for homeless people

So here’s the low down – if you lived in LA you could be paid to have a homeless person live in your back yard.

There are 58,000 homeless people in LA County and they are trying to get people to build guest homes and granny flats for the homeless in their backyards.

Which – seems crazy to me because the house I currently reside at in Redondo Beach sold for 750K a few years ago and has no back yard.

Now the city wants to pay you a small fee to have a homeless person live in pretty much a Fort or tree house in your back yard.

Crazy to me…

Here’s a better idea – learn a simple Internet business (like the one found here) and rent an apartment.

Or even better for those that love to give.

Use this training, build a giant email list that will happily pay you huge sums for all sorts of different products… stuff your bank account full and then pay for people’s rent… or build a homeless shelter or even buy them a house.


All you have to do is use this training – and sell a product you already have or one you choose. I even show you what to sell and how to do it.

Choice is yours…

Details here

P.S. Or you can use this to ensure you always have moolah in your wallet and you never become homeless yourself!

If you build it – they will pay you!

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